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Business set up in Dubai-a World Class Business hub: UAE.

We-the Libras, are there, for hassle free assistance when you choose to business set up in Dubai. We had been the first choice of the Overseas-entrepreneurs seeking opportunities in Dubai for good eight years.  We are at your back, whether you are planning to build your Novel company in Ajman, Fujairah, Shams or intend to branch your business in Charismatic UAE.  Prefer Libra Businessmen Services for seamless business setup and company-formation-experience in Dubai. We had been serving object-oriented businesses with the intent to off their burdens so that they could focus their victorious business voyage in UAE.

Why Dubai is Global First Choice for business set up?

Dubai keeps distinctive opportunities and qualities i.e. optimum tax region, legal and regulatory structures, legislative freedom and effective market fundamentals.
Dubai’s zones have been structured to offer a competent and secure base, allowing full repatriation of profits, 100% foreign ownership, low-cost business set-up and renewal structures and tax-free policies. They are designed to focus every industry’s specific requirements –like media design, biotech and healthcare or export and re-export.

The Dubai Economic Agenda 2033 aims to double the emirate’s economy in the next decade. It wants to position Dubai as one of the top three cities across the globe on different criteria. Additionally, the Economist Intelligence Corporate Network projects that the combined economies of the Middle East and Africa will expand by nearly a quarter by 2027. By comparison, Europe and the US will grow by half that rate over the same period. Dubai is accelerating towards incomparable growth, and endeavoring hard to become world’s swiftest, the most protected and deeply connected cosmopolitan. It is displaying the best financial climate for investments and companies.


Countless businessmen across the globe, find Dubai an attractive station for their financial aspirations. This tendency stands due to the perks and privileges that makes it unique from the rest of the emirates. Recently, the UAE is altering its keen interest from the oil and gas industry. That is why the Royal authorities are seeking widely diverse range of businesses operations in the country. The UAE offers profitable options for investors, it has potent economy, vast resources, politically stable context, and pro-investor public policies.

The Libras observe that company formation here could be a rigorous, complicated and far more expensive of a procedure without right mentoring, prowess, and links. That is why you find us standing there for you in both free zone business setup UAE and mainland business setup-protecting your business expectations. We provide panoramic assistance in trademark registration, accounting and bookkeeping services, Open Business Bank Account, company liquidation, Visa services, PRO services, trade license renewal, branch office affairs in Dubai, and numerous other facilities.

Business set up in Dubai

Process of Business Setup in Dubai

In all of the seven emirates the process of establishing a company in the UAE is simple. The Department of Economic Development in the emirate where you choose to build your corporation. Online facility is there too where getting a commercial license is a matter of minutes. Constructing a company had never been that easy lately, one can do it just by identifying the location, specifying the nature of business and submitting required amount.

Identifying the Nature of Your Business Activity

1. The UAE offers 7 main types of economic licenses:

Free Zone License
Business set up in dubai

Determine Your Company’s Legal Structure

A business structure is primarily based on the needs of the business and will determine the laws and regulations the company must adhere to. Legal forms of businesses in the UAE:

  1. Sole establishment
  2. Branch of a GCC company
  3. Civil company
  4. Branch of a local company
  5. Limited liability company
  6. Holding company
  7. Public joint stock company
  8. Representative office of a foreign company
  9. Private joint stock company

Register the Trade Name

The trade name is the name of the company, which must be unique and not be similar to the name of any other registered company. You can apply for a trade name through the chosen emirate’s Department of Economic Development either on its website or smart application, or in person.

Terms and conditions

A: The trade name must have an abbreviation of the legal structure of the company as its suffix (ex: LLC, PJSC, etc.)

B: The trade name must not contain inappropriate words, and should not be offensive to the general public

C: The trade name must be compatible with the chosen economic activities

D: The trade name must not contain the names of rulers, government agencies, or the names and logos of government bodies

E: The trade name must not be registered by any other company

F: The trade name and trademark must be approved by the Department of Economic Development and the Ministry of Economy

G: Trade name certificates are subject to renewal

Apply for Initial Approval

An initial approval is the UAE Government’s ‘no objection’ being towards a particular business established in the country. This approval also allows the investor to proceed with the next steps to set up a business and for the authorities to issue the license. It does not, however, grant the investor permission to run the business or practice the business activity.

Submit Required Documents

Receipt of initial approval and copies of all previously submitted documents,

Copy of lease contract, duly attested

Memorandum(s) of Association(s), as required

Pay Fees and Collect License

Customers can collect the business license from service centers of the economic department or through their website.

Register Your Company with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Registration of the company must be in the same emirate where it has been incorporated.

Dubai-The attraction itself.

Dubai is more of a pro-investor cosmopolitan now. Its authorities are oftenly trying to improve and bringing new policies and laws to advantage the finance- centered community. One of the ace-amendments was the enactment of 100% business ownership for foreign nationals.

formerly, a foreign entrepreneur was necessarily to accomplice with a UAE citizen- to register a commercial company. This meant that the profit ratio of the system would be 51-49. The Lion’s share i.e 51%, would belong to the Emirati sponsor and other to the investor. But with the recent adaptation(s), one can now own 100% shares of one’s UAE business(es).

In Dubai, one can chose to carve   business on the mainland or in one of the many free zones of UAE. Some decisive and desirable mainland regions for setting up a business include: Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Karama, and Al Quiz. Some competent Dubai free zones include: International Free Zone Authority (IFZA), Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), Dubai Media City (DMC), and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

We, Libras seek to provide new foreigners who wish to construct a new business setup in UAE. We are convinced enough that SMEs can face far more problems than the others.
They possibly can have financial limitations or lack of right knowledge about having a go in Dubai. For that our investor-friendly services offers can have your financial ways smoother than before. Our offers are well knitted to look after

Your inevitable paper works, service payments, NOCs, approvals, and numerous other processes.