Business set up in Ajman Media city Free zone

Ajman Media City Free Zone has intercepted its form in 2018. Because of its affordable packages, it quickly got one of the successes among free zones in the United Arab Emirates. 

AMC has 7 unique packages beginning from 0 and winding up with more than 5 resident visa choices. 

Many individuals compare business set up in Ajman Media city free zone and Ajman free zone business formation, anyway, these two zones are not the same. 

AMC zone offers a very special place. It has a vast number of media-related activities. It doesn’t have stockrooms or land for rent. However, it will work for the individuals who can oblige themselves with a common work area or a small office. 

The special feature about business setup in Ajman Media city Free zone

AMC permit has a unique QR code. License validness can be checked by basically filtering it by any device. For online organizations, it can assist with making trust with possible clients. 

Ajman Media City organization enrollment is easy and is finished by the enlisted specialists of the free zone. However, business arrangement experts in Dubai will do all the administrative work for you. 

Facilities you get in Ajman Media city Free zone

The accompanying facilities in Ajman Media city Free zone are as follows: 

  • work area space for 10 hours per month 
  • Shared desk work area space 
  • Shared office 
  • full-time office for executives

Business activities permissible

Ajman Media City Free Zone has a quite certain list of activities. The vast majority of them are identified with marketing, media and IT portions. 

In the same way, some trading activities are accessible as well. We, Business formation experts in Dubai is here to check whether your business is accessible. 

Conventionally, activities will fall under the following categories.

  • Administration/consultancy 
  • Media related trading 
  • E commerce business

Free zone permits to have up to 5 business activities under 1 permitted. They don’t need to be like one another. 

Some prominent activities include: 

  • Online media influence
  • Courier services 
  • Lawful services 
  • Activities that are not permanent like employment agencies 

Ajman Media City permits a blend of business and administration services at no additional expenses. They should be associated with one another and speak to a similar kind of business. 

The trading license in Ajman Media city Free zone

Ajman media city free zone permit begins from 8,500 AED. Such a package has no visa qualification, however, remembers a workspace for a business club. 

It implies that this free zone is offering the least expensive zero visa arrangement all over the UAE now. 

Business setup in Ajman Media city free zone

Organization enrollment in AMC should be possible without your visit to the free zone. 

You need to set up the accompanying reports and subtleties for the enrollment: 

  • identification copy UAE entry stamp duplicate/occupant visa duplicate 
  • identification size photograph (if you apply for visa qualified organization) 
  • Permanent address
  • email and phone number 

Joining, for the most part, takes 3 business days. Upon fulfillment you get these archives: 

  • Exchange permit 
  • Offers Certificate 
  • Authentication of Incorporation 
  • Certificate of Good Standing 
  • Incumbency certificate
  • Tenure Contract 

We help you to set up your favorite business.

Ajman Media City Free zone is a quickly developing free zone which has indicated the most reduced expenses of enrollment and simultaneously speedy and simple administrations. 

Such free zones will impeccably suit new companies, the individuals who need reasonable organizing or organizations who work online. 

For the individuals who need a more well known free zone or need to have an alternate business action, it is fitting to investigate business setup in Ajman free zone or Shamz free zone or IFZA other than this. That free zone is one of the greatest trading centre points and has demonstrated its standing with long periods of activity.

We help you choose the right business plan according to your budget and expertise. 

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