Business Setup in IFZA

Fujairah is one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates and is known as the gem of the centre East. Likewise, it is the main emirate which is situated on the eastern coast and offers its coastline with the gulf Oman. Because of the key positioning of the emirate, it works as a seaport. It is also considered significant transportation port roots too. 

There are many facilities that IFZA offers, for example, warehouses, workplaces, apartments, inns, markets and so on at an affordable expense. Starting a business in IFZA, when compared to starting a business in the rest of the free zones, is more sensible. This is because it makes business setup in IFZA a worthwhile alternative.

Business set up in IFZA

Why Setup a Company in IFZA?

There are many advantages that a business set up in IFZA can benefit from. These include low tax rates, limited startup time and financial overhead expenses. The  advantages of setting up a business in IFZA are:

  • Free Zone License

There are licenses needed for some types of business activities in IFZA. These licenses are possible at an exceptionally affordable rate. The accessibility of the different licenses allows organizations from everywhere in the world to build up a base in the free zone. After receiving the license, you can start with the business activities easily.

  • Start in a day

IFZA allows you to complete all the process quite easily as they believe the time is money.  The total cycle may just take about fourteen days. After this cycle is finished, the organization may begin business activities.

  • Adaptable Commercial Space Options

There are numerous choices accessible for business spaces for permit holders in IFZA. It offers a wide scope of activities like warehouses with the distribution centres of different sizes, famous and 5-star lodgings, spacious apartments and various retail spaces for shopping.

  • Actual presence not Required

To join an organization in the free zone, the proprietor shouldn’t be available actually in the enrollment office. The organization even need not have an actual office in the free zone at the hour of enrollment. They need to present the necessary records on schedule.

  • Simple to Open Bank Account

The International Free Zone Authority or IFZA has tie-ups with banks. This makes it simple for both corporates and other individuals to have separate accounts in the zone. The accounts are easy to open and do not need many documents.

  • 100% Repatriation

For a financial specialist, it is allowed to take all the benefit he has acquired and send it to his country of the nativity. This kind of freedom in earning all the benefits is not possible for the companies that set up outside free zones.

  • Exception from Taxes

The organizations set up in IFZA are excluded from charges, both corporate and individual annual expenses. This makes setting up an organization in the free zone a truly practical and productive choice. Yes, it benefits any business person or financial specialist around the world.

The advantages, as referenced prior, make business setup in IFZA an ideal alternative. Presently we should experience the way toward setting up a business in the International Free Zone Authority.

Hoping to set up business in the United Arab Emirates?

Why should you choose the IFZA free zone?

  • It has more than 1000 business activities
  • The zone gives you 100% business ownership
  • The business you set up will have 0% annual duty charges
  • You need not be a resident of UAE
  • Easy application processes for all

How do we work?

Start your IFZA Free Zone organization in 3 straightforward advances:

  • Initial Step

Select an appropriate plan after discussing with us. Our expert team will help you in choosing the best for your business

  • Second Step

We list your organization

  • Third Step

You’ll get your license and all other documentation is done.


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