Business Setup in SHAMS Free Zone

Are you looking forward to setting up a company in SHAMS free zone? Let’s see why Sharjah can be a good choice to do so. A perfect place of culture, education and modernity that attracts the customers. One of the best features is that it has the top-notch infrastructure, facilities and services.

Sharjah, which is the capital of UAE has Sharjah media city which is also known as SHAMS free zone. The free zone was started in 2017. The zone has a great advancement for the innovations and thus it supports all those who want to launch new businesses. With all entrepreneurial morale and region content, the free zone has a high in the community.

business setup in shams free zone

The main objective of the free zone is to make space for a business which is creative and it helps famous organizations and SMEs to build business internationally and locally. The zone compels the intelligent people to use their creativity.

If you look for a creative area in Sharjah, it is nothing but Shams free zone. It attracts a lot of entrepreneurs and expatriates worldwide as it gives immense pleasure to work in a business friendly circumstance, laws which are confidential, easy incorporating and a beat location.

Shams free zone is a world class digital hub that provides you with exceptional amenities and services especially for the media, digital and creative persons. The free zone is not like other places and it has intelligent design, state of the art technologies, layout and other facilities that add values. Also, the media city has a simple registration process for the businesses. It is a greatest advantage for those who wish to initiate and set up business.

The free zone, Shams, which is located in the northern emirates has everything you require to set up the business like licensing quick real estate, visas and see up processes which are quite economical.

Why should you have a business set up in SHAMS free zone?

As mentioned earlier, Shams free Zone is new in UAE and it gives immense opportunities and benefits to grow start ups.

To be clear, Shams free zone gives a creative space for the entrepreneurs to bring out their intelligence and innovation without any complicated procedures.

What are the advantages you get from a business setup in SHAMS free zone?

Our packages start from AED 9,050 a year. Not only this, there are other comprehensive packages that include many business support options.

  • You don’t need to be physically present in UAE to start a company

Be in your convenient place and complete the business set up in Shams free zone through a simple and fast process.

  • No need of NOC

Do you have an UAE residence visa? If so, you don’t need to submit NOC from the present sponsor to set up a business.

  • No Paid-Up Share Capital

Many other free zones demands you go have a bulk about to be in your bank account to build a new company. But Shams free zone never demands such an amount or they never ask to renew your business license every year too.

  • Complete repatriation of capital and benefits

You get complete freedom for the invested profits and money. Moreover, there is no foreign exchange control and restrictions over currency

  • Company documentation will be released easily

Our application process for business setup in Shams free zone is quite easy and simple. All the documentation will be issued within a few days.

  • Visas for partners & investors

If you are 19 years of age, you can apply for the partner or investor visa. Also, the visa is valid for the next three years.

  • Visa allocation is flexible

To meet the company needs, our visa allocation process is quite flexible. You get the chance to recruit staff from outside and not like other free zone areas, the visa allocation is present which helps you to rent the office space for the large cost.

Know about Company formation

If you are looking forward to forming a company in Shams free zone, your decision is right. The place is quite secured and is dynamic to form your dream company. The benefits it provides to the expatriates are zero uncle tax, zero export and import charges etc. UAE, being a hub for trading have a good non-oil area that shares a GDP of 70%, where trading performance by Sharjah has 45% of it.


The independent body that separates the shareholders and entrepreneurs from the organization is Shams Limited Liability Company (LLC). Therefore the liabilities of organizations are only of the company and not the personal responsibility of shareholders. 

Choose us

We help you for a business setup in Shams free zone through an easy and reliable documentation process which is quite simple. Feel free to contact us if your business idea is ready. We will make it possible for you at Shams free zone.


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