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Mainland License Locations and Pricing

In Dubai, acquiring a trade license holds paramount importance for entrepreneurs and companies aiming to establish a legal presence, particularly for Dubai Mainland company formation. Referred to as a Dubai Mainland license, this permit is indispensable for engaging in business activities within Dubai Mainland, ensuring strict compliance with local regulations.

Securing the appropriate trade license for your business setup in Dubai Mainland is pivotal for long-term viability. It not only legitimizes your business operations but also instills confidence in customers regarding your credibility and underscores your commitment to adhering to local laws and regulations.

By familiarizing yourself with the process and prerequisites of business setup in Dubai Mainland, you can effectively navigate the requisite steps to obtain your Dubai Mainland license and lay the foundation for a prosperous business venture.

Prices starting from AED 11,700

Average business setup time: 2 Days

Benefits of setting up a company in: Dubai Mainland


As an expatriate, you can own 100% of the company and remit all profits to your home country.


IFZA Free Zone provides exceptionally competitive rates for facility usage, power consumption, and leasing arrangements, ensuring cost-effectiveness for businesses.


Trust our expertise for accelerated company formation in IFZA Free Zone, ensuring swift and seamless business setup processes.


Company formation in Dubai Mainland offers a range of government services within its zones, including visa and contract assistance.


Dubai Mainland offers a highly competitive rate for facility usage, power and leasing.


Leverage Dubai Mainland prime location for business growth. Trust us to maximize your potential.

Business Activities

The Dubai Mainland offers a wide range of business activities. These activities include but are not limited to:

COMMERCIAL: Dubai Mainland company formation offers licenses for storing, importing, exporting, and distributing entertainment products throughout the UAE. The license allows a wide range of activities specified in the clause, providing flexibility for business setup in Dubai Mainland. It caters to diverse needs such as business centers, offices, warehouses, eco-friendly warehouses, and land with onsite accommodation. Engage with industry professionals and leverage networking opportunities for growth. Start your successful business journey with Dubai Mainland license and setup.

INDUSTRIAL: For industrial business activities in Dubai Mainland, Dubai Mainland company formation offers the ideal solution. With a Dubai Mainland license, entrepreneurs can establish their businesses and enjoy the benefits of business setup in Dubai Mainland. This comprehensive license allows for various industrial activities, providing the flexibility needed for a successful venture. Whether it’s manufacturing, production, or other industrial operations, Dubai Mainland company formation provides the necessary framework to set up and thrive in the dynamic business landscape of Dubai Mainland. Start your business setup in Dubai Mainland today and unlock the potential for growth and success.

Professional: Dubai Mainland company formation is crucial for industrial business activities. To operate legally, businesses in Dubai Mainland must obtain a Dubai Mainland license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). This license ensures qualification and expertise for providing professional services in the industrial sector. With various company structures available, such as LLC with local ownership or Civil Company/Sole Establishment with foreign ownership, Dubai Mainland company formation offers flexibility. Keep in mind that certain setups require an LSA (Local Service Agent) for legal compliance. Start your business setup in Dubai Mainland and seize the opportunities provided by the Dubai Mainland license for industrial success.


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