Foodstuff Trading License in Dubai

Foodstuff Trading License in Dubai

Are you planning for a food trade business in Dubai? Then, you can relax as you have made the best decision ever. If we consider the top business platform in Dubai, the food trading industry comes under that for sure. Also, the food trading business has immense opportunities and the business owners can freely trade with any person in and outside the country. Nevertheless, in order to obtain a foodstuff trading license in Dubai mainland, there is a proper process for the documentation to be submitted to the authorities.

Why choose a foodstuff trading license in Dubai?

Dubai always welcomes new investors as it is the growing city in the Middle East. This is mainly because Dubai demands only less tax, complete repatriation of earnings for investment, and a good strong economy. But why some of the business owners step back without making a base in Dubai? Dubai asks for a local share of 51% for foodstuff trading licenses. If you get a foodstuff trading license to win Dubai, you get 49% of foreign ownership. To attain a foodstuff training license in Dubai, one should be a UAE citizen and the company doesn’t require any limit for the capital obligation to be qualified.

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Know these rules for trading foodstuff business in Dubai

There are certain rules for trading good stuff business in UAE. The owners must make sure there are enough resources to carry and hold the food products and offer food transport facilities; boxes, bins, to safeguard from pollution like dust smokes, etc.

  • Containers should be made in such a way to eliminate contaminants.
  • The mover must be germ-free
  • There must be proper partitions for the food items
  • Maintenance of food under proper temperature, humidity is important
  • Containers must have a device for monitoring the temperature.


Necessary documents to get foodstuff trading license in Dubai Mainland

The documents to be submitted for the license are:

  • Passport copy of the shareholders
  • If the shareholders are the residents of the UAE and have a resident visa or visit visa, they must submit the visa page
  • There should be NOC letters from the company
  • If a valid resident visa is available, then Emirates ID must also be provided.

Processes for foodstuff trading company formation

  • The would-be entrepreneur must decide and get the approval of the trade name. Approval must be from the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  • Memorandum of Association must be drafted and signed across
  • A warehouse or office must be taken for rent and get the agreement with the owner along with the Ejari
  • Submit all documents to the Department of Economic development and must get a payment voucher after the payment
  • Submit Ejari, tenancy agreement to the Dubai municipality
  • Pay to complete all procedures for getting the company registered.

Benefits of approaching us for the foodstuff trading license

As a leading business consultant in Dubai, our experts help the entrepreneurs to get the license for trading the foodstuff in Dubai easily. The experience we have in providing the right license by analyzing the client’s needs is unparalleled and unimaginable. You don’t need to run around for submitting the documents and getting approvals. We will take care of it completely!! Approach us for expert assistance for in-depth information and guidance to concept your foodstuff trading business in Dubai.


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