Holding Company License

Holding Company License Registration

If you are ready to bring your business to the UAE market, you should be very careful in following the rules for holding company license registration. To make it clear, the UAE rules are a bit complex. The first and foremost thing you must decide while looking for holding company license registration is to find the right place. The free-zone provides a 100% percent ownership to your company. Since the rules and processes for obtaining the license are difficult, it is not advisable to handle it on your own. Finding the right consultant for holding company license is quite important.

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Why should you choose Libra Businessmen Services LLC?

Being one of the leading business consultants in Dubai, we are well aware of the complete procedure right from finding the proper place for your company. You are simply required to submit the documents and leave the rest to us. All the procedures for holding company license can be done by yourself, but since it is quite a difficult and tedious job, you may miss some important steps. Here comes the role of consultants like Libra Businessmen Services. You save a lot of time when you decide to employ us for your license. We help you open a bank account, VAT registration, and other registration procedures being a top-notch consulting firm. 

Do you believe in initiating a business in the right place? If yes, we know where should you begin your business. Yes, we help you choose the place where you get maximum benefit for your business. We also make you aware of the freelance business nature in the country. Our skilled professionals thus prove to be one of the best and most preferred organizations for holding company license registration. The team at Libra Businessmen Services is highly qualified to know every nooks and corner of getting a company license. We are experienced for many years in UAE in company formation processes at affordable rates. This makes us a client-centric approach that helps you accommodate all levels of customers while providing a reliable solution at the best price.


Necessary documents to get foodstuff trading license in Dubai Mainland

The documents to be submitted for the license are:

  • Passport copy of the shareholders
  • If the shareholders are the residents of the UAE and have a resident visa or visit visa, they must submit the visa page
  • There should be NOC letters from the company
  • If a valid resident visa is available, then Emirates ID must also be provided.

Processes for foodstuff trading company formation

  • The would-be entrepreneur must decide and get the approval of the trade name. Approval must be from the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  • Memorandum of Association must be drafted and signed across
  • A warehouse or office must be taken for rent and get the agreement with the owner along with the Ejari
  • Submit all documents to the Department of Economic development and must get a payment voucher after the payment
  • Submit Ejari, tenancy agreement to the Dubai municipality
  • Pay to complete all procedures for getting the company registered.

Benefits of approaching us for the foodstuff trading license

As a leading business consultant in Dubai, our experts help the entrepreneurs to get the license for trading the foodstuff in Dubai easily. The experience we have in providing the right license by analyzing the client’s needs is unparalleled and unimaginable. You don’t need to run around for submitting the documents and getting approvals. We will take care of it completely!! Approach us for expert assistance for in-depth information and guidance to concept your foodstuff trading business in Dubai.


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