IT Services in UAE

IT Services

The business setup in UAE is complex and needs to be managed efficiently. Libra Businessmen Services has its own IT department where all the services related to Digital solutions are provided including software development, Search engine optimization, web development and designing, data management, data analysis, office setup solutions, hardware and networking, Data Storage and recovery, etc. We have a team of experts who will provide you individualized solutions for all these services with your security and safety as our top priority.

What Do We Offer ?

Here are some of the most important services that Libra Businessmen Solution offers

Technology Consulting

Our experts will give your company individual attention and figure out the best solution for you. We will be there for your project throughout the process of development and management offering you the complete life-cycle of consultancy. We will help you with the step by step processes to get the best outcome for you and your company. We will invest time in understanding your requirements, budget, type of business, etc. so that you don’t have to worry about anything except growing your business.

IT Services

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IT Support

Libra Businessmen Services offer a complete IT support and management after your business solutions have launched. We will proactively shield your company from any unexpected problems in the system so that your business can keep on running smoothly and steadily.

IT Infrastructure

We offer state of the art IT infrastructure development with our unique approach that connects solutions, services, and suppliers to implement integrated solutions across the entire IT supply chain. Libra Businessmen services can design an IT infrastructure that is specific to your organization and its evolving needs. On top of that, your IT infrastructure will be extremely scalable so that you do not have to spend any extra time and money in updating the system.

Other Important IT Services

  • Cybersecurity
  • Security and Surveillance solutions
  • Data storage and recovery
  • Hardware and networking
  • Data analysis and management etc.

We have customizable packages that will suit your individual needs, hit us up now!

Frequently Asked Questions ?

The IT services needed for each business setup in UAE depends on the individual needs of the business. Some of the common IT services that your business setup in UAE might need includes,

  • Network and infrastructure procurement and management including hardware equipment, software, wired or wireless connections etc.
  • Cyber security solutions
  • Cloud based services including, infrastructure, platform and software.
  • Internet based communication services like, voice over internet protocol, video conferencing, chatbots etc.
  • Technical support services for the business.

There are many IT security risks that every business has to face if they do not have a security protocol available. These include phishing attacks, weak passwords, unpatched devices, Not encrypting your data, dropped USB drives, rogue insiders, and malware etc. These security risks can pose a great deal of harm to your business and should be taken care of by a good IT company like Libra Businessmen Services.

At times businesses outsource the responsibility of maintaining and managing a number of processes and function of a company in a bid to improve operations and cut the expenses of these services. Such outsourced services are called managed IT services.

There are a number of ways to search engine optimize your website including analysis of website and keyword research. Once you have the top keywords for which you want to rank your website, you have to add value rich content with long length to make sure that the search engine find your content as more informative and valuable and rank you higher.

Ecommerce and mobile apps have changed the dynamics of businesses worldwide and Dubai is not an exception. With targeted marketing and event-based marketing through online channels, Ecommerce opens the door to many new potential clients. More than ever, shoppers around the world are using mobile apps, rather than a PC, to buy & compare items online. If your business doesn’t have a mobile app, you are missing a huge group of potential customers willing to buy things online.

The cost of your Ecommerce business store depends on the type of products that you are trying to sell, the amount of space that you need and the number of employees that you want to hire. Generally, in a free zone, you can get a business package starting from AED 18000. This will include basic space, workstation, computers and other important things that you need for your business.

Business setup in Dubai

Established in the year 2017, Libra Businessmen Services is one of the best leading business consultants in the entire Middle East.



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