Sharjah Media City Trade License

Sharjah Media City (Shams) was established in February 2017 to serve as a catalyst for the rapid growth and development of the creative and media industries. Sharjah Media City License is in great demand from citizens all over the world as Shams encompasses a wide range of business activities. Opportunities are available for all the enthusiastic people who are serious to start their business journey in the UAE, with the prime goal of becoming a world-class leader for innovative facilities and services.

Sharjah Media City Trade License Free Zone

The Sharjah Media City trade license free zone provides cost-effective resources for enterprises at all phases of development, from startups to huge international corporations. Over 200 businesses, ranging from accounting to wholesale, are located in the free zone.

It also provides a variety of chances for entrepreneurs and investors wishing to expand their business swiftly. Furthermore, these prospects allow entrepreneurs to develop a presence both locally and globally.

Benefits of Sharjah Media City

The emirate of Sharjah is regarded as the heart of history, culture, and tradition in a country famed for innovation and business. Sharjah became a member of the United Arab Emirates in 1972. The emirate is strategically placed between Asia, Europe, and Africa, making it ideal for entering markets with populations of more than 3 billion people.

Sharjah was named the in 1998 UNESCO named Sharjah as the Arab World’s Cultural Capital. Sharjah has preserved the essence of its past by incorporating tradition into every area of modern development.

Sharjah’s business setup is defined by a secure and progressive environment for forming companies, with benefits such as no corporate tax and no limits on capital returns and profit transfers for foreign investors. The United Arab Emirates is well-known around the world as a commercial centre with a major non-oil sector that accounts for about 70% of GDP, with Sharjah’s trading activity accounting for 45 percent of that.

Types of Sharjah Media City License

          Service License: Provides non-goods services.

When employing goods, such as restaurants, media productions, and so on, the primary goal is to provide services.


  • Trading License: Selling goods inside Shams or importing and exporting items: goods transportation, wholesale and retail sales, and related services.
  • Industrial License:Production, re-production, transformation, and manufacturing of items are all covered by an industrial license.


Requirements for obtaining a visa:

Before or during the SHAMS free zone company formation process or acquiring the Sharjah media city license, the foreign investor must obtain visas. A firm can apply for up to six visas. The validity period of all the visas is three year from the date of issue.

The following are the two types of visas that are available:

Visa for Investors and Partners

Visa for work

When applying for a resident visa under the SHAMS free zone licence, you must either obtain health insurance or sign a letter stating that you will do so within the next 10 months.


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