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PRO stand for public relation officer, PRO services in Dubai has two famous ways to handle the business documentation process. One; to hire an in-station PRO, the second is to outsource a PRO. For PRO Services in UAE, you will be needing a professional PRO team to assist you for the smooth corporate processes and documentations. Professionals have good experience to handle and complete the formalities smoothly either it is setting up new business in UAE or any other service. The best PRO Services in Dubai performs a plethora of services. Some of them are employee-oriented and others purely related to company formation and operation. If you hire a PRO professional who has required experience in the field, they can guide you through all the formalities, including, document attestation services, clearance of passport, immigration services, business license renewals, visa services, visas or any other corporate solutions. Our PRO service company i.e. Libras: offers a wide variety of options like, among others. The primary aim is to provide clients with dedicated assistance to ensure that they have retained a smooth business setup in UAE. We assist entrepreneurs in living their business dreams here, with our visionary professionals serving across UAE. We have a strong and established network of clients and Government Authorities in UAE to offer a smooth business journey with us.

PRO service industry: a corporate facility!

When you chose to hire an external consultant or PRO, you hire an independent industry expert to take care of your task temporarily.

In contrast, internal consultants have been observers of your company. They will have a rich understanding of your company’s background and mode of action. They additionally have a close relationship with other employees already working there. They’re naturally affiliated with multiple business units within the company, or more involved in day-to-day operations.

PRO services providers are temporarily hired. They may not share a history with your company, but they bring a neutral and diverse paradigm from different clients—something your internal consultants may not be as exposed to.


But where to find external consultants?

They are hired through personal referrals, or consultation firms that provide PRO services in UAE. They are only hired for a particular project with a time limit. Robert Brill, founder of Brill Media, a white-labeled buying agency, introduced an AI consultant on TikTok too. PRO Services industry is such a diverse field. There are numerous benefits of Hiring external consultants: These can:
  • Increases your office productivity
  • Bringing a fresh perspective
  • Making workflows efficient
Developing and implementing new policies Getting PRO services/ a business consultant, the owner identifies areas of the business that can be improved or where the owner might feel they lack the necessary skills for that aspect of the company. Sometimes we don’t have idea that what we don’t know and what we do, but a right consultant does. A small business consultant might also come into a business to look over the company as an external-observer and identifies areas that deserve a further deep look what is not everyone’s area of expertise.

Benefits of PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring PRO Services in Dubai

UAE has become a major business priority because of its countless opportunities it provides for global business enterprises and entrepreneurs alike. With such swift economic development in the region, setting up a business in UAE requires time and understanding of the various procedures involved. PRO Services in UAE helps organization handle all the documentation and legal formalities involved in setting up and running a successful business in the UAE.

A Public Relations Officer in UAE functions as the liaison between you and the government department, taking care of your visas and processing’s, trade licensing, and many more. They ensure to smooth out your business procedures and that everything complies per the local government policies.

PROs are professionally skilled and well-informed about government procedures and policies. By outsourcing your PRO services in Dubai, you can leave your company’s operations to the professionals and can do what you do best – your business. Here are the top 5 benefits of getting PRO services in the UAE.

  1. Cost-effective

Hiring PRO services in Dubai is investing in your organization. It makes you to save the unnecessary cost of hiring full-time employees. Once you find a right   business setup consultant in Dubai, you can take the required services whenever required. Besides helping you in setting up your company in UAE quickly and efficiently, they also help to administer any legal inevitability, policy are amendment that pops up in the UAE.

Outsourcing PRO services in Dubai is also very cost effective. You avoid undue fines and penalties by hiring PROs. Businesses in Dubai have to be quite agile about implementing any new government policies to avoid delays and hefty fines. A dedicated PRO helps you avoid this and run your business smoothly without restrictions.

  1. Hassle-free Management

PRO Services in UAE provide a smooth process for business setup in the region. As an expat entrepreneur working in UAE, one needs to be in touch regularly with various government departments. This can be an exhausting very gruesome procedure. A PRO services provider keeps you away of these head-aches. He can take care of these formalities on your behalf, seeking the process to remain simple.

  1. Transparency

Working with a Business Setup Consultants and PRO services providers in Dubai give you enhanced transparency into all your costs and procedures. A reliable PRO service provider keeps a record of al the business activities performed.
PRO Services in Dubai handle and store your documents safely and effectively, avoiding any future misuse causing
your system complexities.

  1. Policies Update and Reminders

Business consultants in Dubai help you keep track of your business procedures on the hand. They ensure your business compliance with the latest and updated policies, and also, provide timely reminders for all upcoming renewals or new applications.

  1. Business Efficiency

A PRO professional makes it possible for an entrepreneur to sail along with the contemporary UAE. They communicate on your behalf, and conduct your business with the dynamic policies of UAE. As a result, you can focus on your business and its revenue keeping no stress within.

Why Choose Us.

Libra Businessmen Services was founded in 2016 with a prudent vision to add value in investments and businesses in the UAE. Since then, we’ve risen as a leading provider of business setup and consultation services, dedicated to excellence, customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to expand our clientele by assisting more entrepreneurs and foreign investors striving to live their financial aspirations. Our efforts distinguished ourselves by offering cost-effective solutions. We have successfully formed over 500 companies in the UAE be it in free zone(s) or mainland, helping entrepreneurs and businesses establish a strong presence in the region.

We were honored with the Client Satisfaction Award (2024) for our outstanding performance and concerns in delivering exceptional results, to be regarded as the most trusted, one-stop resource option for the companies being established in UAE.

We advise investors to take advantage of the UAE’s profitable free zones with our expert Company Setup services, designed to help you establish a successful business in these tax-free hubs. From opting the suitable free zone to handling all administrative tasks, we’ve got you covered.

Streamline your business operations with our comprehensive PRO Services, covering all State-related documentation, permits, and licenses. Our experts ensure timely and accurate processing, giving you freedom to focus on core business activities and growth.

Establish a strong presence in the UAE with our Mainland Company Setup services, ultra detailed guidance for setting up and registering your business in UAE. From licensing to registration, we ensure a seamless process, enabling you to focus on your core business activities.

We earned your priority!

Get to be Trade Licenses is Easy with PRO Services in Dubai

It is required for each person who is setting up a trade in Dubai to have an exchange permit from the Office of Financial Advancement (DED). An exchange permit distinguishes you and your trade and is confirmation you’ll take portion in commercial exercises. Having an exchange permit guarantees the security and permits you to take part in beneficial legislative measures. Our corporate Professional Administrations can assist you apply for your exchange permit and assist you through the recharging handle at reasonable rates.

Commercial Trade License

If your business involves any form of commercial trade activity, whether in goods, commodities, or services, a Commercial Trade License is indispensable. Whether you’re a general trader or specialize in specific niches, this license enables you to engage in commercial endeavors legally and securely.

Industrial Trade License:

Planning to venture into manufacturing? The Industrial Trade License is tailored for businesses involved in assembling, processing, redesigning, or repackaging goods using a variety of raw materials, be they local, imported, natural, or manmade. It’s crucial for businesses under this license to have a physical presence in the UAE, and we can assist you in finding the optimal location for your operations.


Professional Trade License:

Are you a specialist or professional offering services such as carpentry, consultancy, beauty salons, or repair services? The Professional Trade License is tailored for you. Notably, foreign investors enjoy the perk of 100% ownership with this license, making it an attractive option for those seeking full control over their business endeavors.


Choosing the Right License:

Unsure which license suits your business best? Our experienced team can guide you through the selection process, ensuring that your business is equipped with the most appropriate license to thrive in the dynamic landscape of Dubai’s economy. One huge advantage to a Proficient Permit is that a trade proprietor can have 100% possession for outside speculators.


Let us know the best time to reach you, and our team will ensure a smooth and timely response to address your needs.

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Libra Businessmen Services is dedicated to assisting tech startups, retail ventures, and service providers in the UAE with their entrepreneurial journeys and helping them convert their visions into reality in the ever-changing business landscape.

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