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PRO Services

Dubai and UAE in general are the hubs of globalized business activities. Our market research and survey found out that many new businessmen waste a lot of their time, energy, and resources on things like documentation, renewals, follow up on rules and regulations, immigration laws, etc. Libra Businessmen Services is a fine one-stop-shop that offers its clients a number of PRO services that prevent them from losing time and money by hiring in house resources for a number of different activities.

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Following are some of the PRO services that we offer,

  • Finding the best locations for your company while giving you a number of options with a transparent listing of pros and cons.
  • Taking care of the annual license renewal of your company.
  • Taking care of any amendments in the license agreement.
  • Helping you with all kinds of visa-related activities including the investor’s visa, family visa, and employee visa,
  • Cancellation of a partner’s or employee’s visa in need be.
  • Obtaining new labor cards, and renewal or amendments in already existing labor cards
  • Obtaining your emirates ID card
  • Registration of your vehicles including cars, bikes, etc.
  • Obtaining Chamber of commerce certificate
  • Understanding the import and export code of conduct
  • Providing you with insights and information for buying and selling property
  • Obtaining your life insurance and your health insurance
  • Obtaining insurance for your car, house or office
  • Registering your new PO box number and renewal of an old PO Box number etc.
  • Assisting in obtaining a driving license.
  • Assisting all kids of bank-related activities of you and your company
  • Getting your documents attested
  • Assisting liaison with government departments of UAE
  • Helping out with the legal translation of your documents.
  • Assisting in getting your power of attorney attested
  • Obtaining all kinds of professional licenses in Dubai
  • Creating and maintaining your branch office in Dubai
  • Providing business support services in Dubai
  • Helping you in attaining a General trading license in UAE.

We guarantee secure and safe services without any stress or delay so that you can focus entirely on your business while we are taking care of the rest. Get started working with Libra Businessmen Services now and get the best quote!

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Best location for your company setup in UAE totally depends upon the type of business that you are going to setup. In mainlands, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are most famous and get more tourist customers etc. So, if your business targets the tourist market of UAE, a mainland company will work for you. However, if you are looking for free zone company setup, Ajman free zone, Fujairah free zone, Abu Dhabi free zone, Shams free zone and 30 plus other free zones are present all of which deal with some special type of business activities.

Labor card which is also known as a work permit is the identity proof of the workers in the UAE. It has details like the employee’s name and his profession, employer name, nationality, expiry date, personal number, work permit number, and labor card number. Every laborer in UAE must carry this card along with them at all times.

Emirates ID is an identity card issued by Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. It is a legal requirement for all UAE citizens and residents to apply for one and carry it with them at all times. The Emirates ID is used to get government services. to vote in the elections of Federal National Council.

A general trading license allows business startups in UAE to conduct all of their trading activities under one license. With a trade license, your UAE startup could become a key player in the supplies industry to support businesses with necessary goods across the city.

The E-channel is a smart service, introduced by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of the UAE aimed at improving the immigration, residency and visa process. The e-channel service allows users to apply for a visa, check the status of an application and print visa-related documentation.

Establishment card is also known as the CEC or company establishment card and CIC or company immigration card. This card includes the name of your company, card number and expiry date. Company establishment card is issued by Immigration Authority of the emirate where your company is registered.

There are many amendments that you might want to make in your trading license including change of name, change of location of business, changing or adding an activity, changing or appointing a manager etc. All these amendments have to be submitted by following legal standards of UAE and by providing the complete documents required. After you have submitted all the documents to the concerned authority, after a few weeks you can get you amended trading license. This process needs legal advice and understanding of the law of UAE which is provided by Libra Businessmen Services. We can help you achieve the best without any delays or problems.


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