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Trading license UAE

Dubai is the most cosmopolitan city in the world and it has 200+ nationalities. Dubai is a place to run a business smoothly and every person in the city has something to share or get inspired. Dubai is an ideal spot for corporate meetings, association conferences, exhibitions and other corporate events. Being a trading hub, many individuals are interested in trading various commodities and goods within the country as well as to other countries too. To fulfill their trading businesses, it is important to set up general trading license.

What is a trade license?

A certification attained by a company to practice the required business activity under the legal authority, Department of Economic Development (DED). The certificate is issued by the concerned judiciary and without the certification, no business is allowed to take part in Dubai. Along with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry support, DED controls the legal procedures of trading licenses.
Trading License

Different types of trading license in Dubai

Every business is categorized under a specific group by DED. This helps the investors to carry out a proper protocol to set up a business structure in Dubai. The predefined categories of business types are:

  • General trade license
  • Professional trade license
  • Commercial trade license
  • Industrial trade license

Set up General trading license: everything you need to know

The first step before applying for a trading license is to find out the business activity. Various business activities can be put under one general trading license. Once you are done with the business category, the next step is to choose a company name before you set up a general trading license. UAE has some strict rules to name a business and can be easily done if you adhere to the rules. The company name you choose must be available for registration and also it must not be offensive to hear.

Do not worry, we will help you all through these procedures.

Each business activity will have different documents to submit to set up a general trading license. However common documents to provide to set up general trading license are:

  • Duly filled application form
  • Copy of passport of the owners/owners
  • Two colour passport size photographs with white background

Why should you apply for a General Trading License in Dubai?

As mentioned above, Dubai is the world’s best business hub and there are many reasons to start a business here. The company in Dubai gets an attractive tax protocol with a 0% rate on corporate as well as personal income. If you set up a general trading license for a company in the free zone, you will be exempt from customs tax too. Also, business setup┬áhave complete freedom to repatriate profits and invested capital.

Cost to set up General Trading License in Dubai

The base capital prerequisite for setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) General Trading License in Dubai is AED 300,000/ -. It isn’t obligatory to show a bank ensure however require referencing the equivalent in the Memorandum of Association (MOA).

According to the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai a General Trading organization can do the matter of importing, trading and re-exporting out of any of the permitted merchandise and, the exercises that need extraordinary can be a sole foundation (100% proprietorship with UAE or GCC National) or it tends to be Limited Liability organization (LLC) or it very well may be a Single Owner (LLC-SO) approvals, can likewise be exchanged after acquiring NOC from the competent office. The activity code for this license is 4690018.

Set up Professional Trade License

Professional trade license in Dubai is required to carry out the businesses in the areas like services providing, professional businesses, art and crafts. Once you set up a professional trade license, you get 100% foreign ownership and profits. To carry out the judicial formalities, we help you in all the best possible ways. Based on academics and professional skills, the license will be issued.

Who requires a professional trading license in Dubai?

  • Management consultancy
  • Event management
  • Marketing consultants
  • Businessmen Forum
  • Law firms and associates
  • Accounting organizations

Set up Commercial Trade License

If your business deals with selling and buying goods or any other commercial activity, you need a commercial trade license. The license holder must strictly adhere to the business activity plan for the goods that will be permitted to trade-in.

Who requires a commercial trading license in Dubai?

  • Trading Electronics
  • Trading chemicals
  • Car rental services
  • Broadcasting and communications
  • Trading home appliances
  • Imports and exports

Set up Industrial Trade License

If your business involves manufacturing and industrial activities, you need to register for a trading license in Dubai. The trading license in Dubai allows the organizations to convert resources that are natural or raw through plants, factories and refineries. Industrial license demands the owner to have their own office space or warehouse in Dubai.

Who requires a commercial trading license in Dubai?

  • Steel and iron casting
  • Engines manufacturing
  • Machinery manufacturing
  • Storage and packaging
  • Manufacturing furniture
  • Food products manufacturing

Why choose us?

Our team works closely with the investor and set up the general trading license or any other trading license for the company formation.

  • Helps on every stage kd the process and provide detailed formats, forms, proforma etc which Is required in each documentation stage.
  • Keep all documents in order before submission
  • Explains the dee structure that is to be made to thee authorities during the submission
  • After submission, we follow up till you get the license for company formation.

Get in touch with us for consultation to know how to set up General trading license in Dubai.

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